Marble sculpture and sculptural works of art

Imogen Paine offers professional cleaning of marble sculpture as well as the carving and/or rebuilding of missing elements in marble and/or composites. Each piece is assessed individually and tests done to find the most effective but also sympathetic solution. We do not overclean and always strive to retain the antique integrity of each object. Monumental sculptures, fireplaces, pieces or where transport is compromised can be cleaned on-site. Our on-site methods and operating practice protect all surrounding decor and surfaces and have no adverse impact.

Garden statuary and ornament

Specialising in marble, stone, cast iron, terracotta and stoneware.

We offer consolidation and restoration of pieces which have been subject to even the worst weather conditions. We can also assess statues and ornaments at the other end of the spectrum where pieces are not badly affected by their time outside and might be restored to ‘indoor condition’.

Cast iron furniture and sculpture can be cleaned of all old paint and rust and repainted to a client’s desired finish.

Bronze sculpture

With any antique bronze sculpture our goal is to preserve the original patina where possible and we have developed bespoke methods to enhance and improve the antique patination as far as possible. Where repatination is necessary we build colour to create an antique-looking patina with the highs and lows of tone commensurate with age. Cold painted art deco bronze sculptures can also be sensitively retouched. Missing elements to bronze sculptures can be cast and patinated to blend.

Church monuments

Imogen Paine has restored numerous church monuments in marble, alabaster and stone. We work with the Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches to establish appropriate and acceptable methods for the cleaning and conservation of church monuments, working according to their Faculties granted.

Marble and Pietre Dure Tops to antique furniture

We can successfully rebuild and restore most damaged marble tops and where not possible can also replace, with access to specialist marble suppliers to source the most appropriate and beautiful types of marble. Where pietre dure inlaid tops have suffered damage and losses we can consolidate remaining inlays and cut and fit replacement inlays in the most suitable materials available.


Don’t believe when people say spelter cannot be restored…it can! We have successfully cleaned and made and fitted missing parts to numerous spelter figures.


As with spelter, if something seems like it cannot be restored, always ask. We have restored a fossilised crocodile jaw, vintage plastic toys, ivory peppermills, wooden threshing sledges, a life-size papier mâché pig…always contact us if you have a challenge in mind.